This unit involves an in-depth study of the macro marketing environment. You will add to your study of the macro environment, an evaluation of consumer groups and tribes within a chosen market sector.


Primary and secondary research skills will play a vital role in this unit. These will be applied to discover the latest trends and terminologies in retailing and promotion. Skills of synthesis and evaluation will be applied to translate a substantial body of primary and secondary research into future probable trends.


Trend research will cover consumers, retail trends, design inspiration, colour, fabric and themes, relevant to a chosen market sector. Synthesis and evaluation will be used to determine relevance and development, while conceptual skills will facilitate the creation of a unique set of trend concepts.

For this unit, I created a trend forecasting company, Future Faces, that aims to identify trends from observations through design innovations, technology, socio-economic and political factors impacting our society. The company validates early adaptors, which translates into viable products.

The report includes two trends for AW 20/21 and is illustrated through mood boards and CADs illustrations.


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